True Zeal

“True zeal will hate sin, and yet love the sinner. True zeal will hate heresy, and yet love the heretic. True zeal will long to break the idol, but deeply pity the idolater. True zeal will abhor every kind of wickedness, but labor to do good even to the vilest of transgressors.”

J.C. Ryle, Practical Christianity, on Zeal, p. 194

“Let every one who professes to be a Christian beware of checking zeal. Seek it. Cultivate it. Try to blow up the fire indoor own heart, and the hearts of others, but never, never check it. Beware of throwing cold water on zealous souls, whenever you meet with them…Beware of crushing it, for Christ’s sake. Zeal may make mistakes. Zeal may need directing. Zeal may want guiding, controlling, and advising. But zeal does not need damping in a wretched, cold, corrupt, miserable world like this.”

J.C. Ryle, Practical Religion, on Zeal, p. 203
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