The Student’s Bible Reading Calendar Oct 17 – 23, 2021

The Student’s Bible Reading Calendar is designed to take the reader through the whole Old Testament once, the Psalms twice, the New Testament three times, and the Epistles four times every year. I wrote this plan early in my Christian life, and have been blessed to follow it for many years. My plan is to post this list every Saturday for the readings for the coming week.

Below are the reading assignments for Sunday October 17, 2021 through Saturday October 23, 2021.

October 17Isaiah 19Psalm 134-35Luke 13-15
October 18Isaiah 20-21Psalm 136-37Luke 16-17
October 19Isaiah 22-23Psalm 138Luke 18-20
October 20Isaiah 24-26Psalm 139Luke 21-22
October 21Isaiah 27-29Psalm 140Luke 23-24
October 22Isaiah 30-31Psalm 141-421 Cor 1-2
October 23Isaiah 32-33Psalm 1431 Cor 3-5

“And indeed, all who are ignorant of the purpose for which they live are fools and madmen. But to serve God is the purpose for which we have been born, and for which we are preserved in life.” – John Calvin, on Psalm 111:10

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