The Strangest Thanksgiving Prayer

“But I will sacrifice to You with the voice of thanksgiving.” Jonah 2:9

Nothing appears strange in the words of our text, until we pause to consider the speaker and his circumstances. These are not the words of David singing in the house of the Lord. They are the words of Jonah praying in the belly of the whale. Ponder that. We have here, I submit, the strangest thanksgiving prayer ever recorded. It is offered, not over the warming smells of roasted turkey and stuffing, not by a cozy wood fire and piece of pumpkin pie, but rather from the stench of the guts of a great fish in the depths of the deep sea.

Where are you at right now? Are you having trouble giving thanks this year because of your circumstances? Jonah reminds us that our current situation will not hinder our thanksgiving if we remember the salvation of God. “Salvation,” he says at the end of the same verse, “is of the Lord.” Knowing we belong to God through our Savior Jesus Christ is enough to fill the heart of any believing soul with thanks, even during the worst of times.

I hope for you this year is not the worst of times. But even if it is, I commend to you this thanksgiving prayer of Jonah. Do not withhold your thanks to the God who loved you and saved you. Speak of His mercies. Tell of His wonders. Remember His goodness. Jonah said in verse 7 “I remembered the Lord.” Remember Him on this day. And open your lips to thank Him.

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