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Sundays, Sermons, and Homemade Chili

I’m grateful for Sundays. This morning I had the humble privilege of teaching a small group of adults on the topic of “discontentment” as illustrated from Joshua 17:14-18, where the children of Joseph complain to Joshua about their plot of land. Discontentment is one of those sins that packs its own punishment with it. A liar, thief or murderer may wait a long time before experiencing any negative consequence from their sin. But the discontented man endures the immediate sour fruit of his own bitterness. Discontented! Oh what a miserable way to go through life!

We heard a sermon this morning on the danger and displeasing habit of careless words, from Matthew 5, where Jesus said “But I say unto you, do not swear at all (5:34).” The context was explained, and the warning faithfully given. We must watch our words. I’m reminded of John Calvin’s comment when he said “so rare a gift of the Spirit is moderation in language.” This is especially true with respect to promises, oaths and vows. How lightly we take them today. Marriage vows? Quickly forgotten. Church membership vows? Easily set aside. And how about our promises to the Lord to be more faithful, more holy, more godly? Better not to promise, than to promise and not perform.

Bonnie and I swung by a dear homebound sister in Christ’s home to help her out with a few things before heading home for lunch. We take for granted, at least I do, the freedom to get out and about with relative ease. If I want something at the store, I just go. If I want something in the kitchen, I just get up and walk there (far too frequently in fact!).

Home for lunch! Bonnie made her amazing homemade chili, and a pot of meatballs. We added some of our home-grown jalapeños to the chili, and it raised the spice level a bit. I still add a healthy dose of sriracha to mine, as well has a bunch of sliced jalapeños on top. I like to light my tastebuds on fire.

Sunday afternoon naps are important for me. I’m typically up very early on a Sunday, going over my lesson and adding notes and thoughts. I need a rest in the afternoon. And frankly I am convinced this is actually a part of the God-ordained purpose of the Lord’s Day. It is called a day of “rest.” Hard work the other 6 days requires a day to set our work aside. Work is a blessing. Hard work is almost unavoidable. But a day of rest is a delight. Our bodies and souls are still united in this life. Failure to rest our bodies has an impact on our souls. I’ve yet to meet a Christian who ignores this principle who seems to be growing spiritually.

Evening worship is a wonderful way to end the Lord’s day. I personally think all pastors and elders should labor to establish this pattern in their churches. It would help to emphasize that the whole day is the Lord’s. For Pastors who cannot imagine preaching 2 sermons every week, maybe think about a briefer message on Sunday night, or shortening their Sunday morning sermon. Tonight we heard a sermon from Acts 3:19 on the “times of refreshing from the presence of the Lord.” This is an unusual expression. But at the very least it surely reminds us that God Himself is the source of all spiritual refreshment. Drink deeply of Him dear friends.

Won’t be up late tonight. I do hope to possibly get together with some friends on 1-2 evenings this week after work.

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