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Give Me a Blessing

“She answered, “Give me a blessing; since you have given me land in the South, give me also springs of water.” So he gave her the upper springs and the lower springs.'” Joshua 15:19

Not every historical account is given for our imitation in Scripture. Some events are recorded for our warning. Other events, for our education. But here I think, as we compare Scripture with Scripture, we have set out before us the wise request of Achsah, and the generous response of Caleb, as a pattern suitable for our instruction. Oh my soul, may the Spirit of God help thee to glean profitably among the sheaves of this Scripture today.


Note the boldness and forwardness of Caleb’s daughter’s request. “Give me a blessing.” She knew from where the blessing could be obtained. She had received blessings from him before. “You have given me land in the South.” So she sought more blessings still. Christian, it is your wisdom to seek more blessings from God. Has he blessed thee? He has. Therefore, go again to the spring from which you have drank so many times before.


Note also the broadness of her request. She asked not for a drink of water. Her petition was not for a cup of water. Achsah begged not for a pool of water. She requested not even for a single spring of water. No, she comes knowing the richness of the resources of her father, and asks of him “springs of water.” Not just one or two. Many springs. She knew the usefulness of such springs for a family and a city. Even though she was just recently married, she was already thinking of future generations that would grow up in and around her and her new husband. Oh Christian, bring big requests to God!


See, finally my soul, for your encouragement, something of the benevolence of God in her father’s answer. Her request was big. His response was bigger. He gave her “the upper springs and the lower springs.” Dear soul, you cannot anticipate all that God has in store for you. His benevolence is beyond measure. You know what he has already done with your sins, in forgiving them and casting them away. Will he therefore not give you all things?

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