Reversing the Curse

“This again is the second sign Jesus did when He had come out of Judea into Galilee.” John 4:54

Christ came to undo what Adam had done. All that is wrong in you and me and the world flows ultimately from Adam’s sin (Rom 5:18). Jesus came to heal and restore what the curse of sin has wounded and broken. All history, in one sense, can be taught from this perspective: That which Adam ruined and that which Christ restored. Wherever we see evil around us, there we see the rot of sin at work. Wherever we see that which is holy, pure, righteous, and good, there we see Jesus at work.

We may see this somewhat by comparing the account of creation to the opening miracles of Christ’s life. God made Adam and Eve, and blessed them in marriage to one another. What a blessed thing is a holy marriage! And yet sin made a mess of marriage, and rather than helping one another in Godliness, Adam and Eve ruined themselves with sin. But when Christ began His miracles, where do we find Him? At a wedding. What a strange choice of place to begin His miracles…unless He was doing so to establish Himself as the One who would reverse that which the curse had destroyed.

The curse ruined children as well. Adam passed on to his posterity that corrupt nature which sin created in the soul. And how quickly we see it manifest itself as Cain killed Able his brother. But what is the second miracle of Christ we find in John’s gospel? He heals the son of a nobleman (John 4:46-54). Adam ruined his son. Christ raises a nobleman’s son. O see Him who came to reverse the curse dear reader! Do you not think that He who can heal the world can also heal you? He can fix that which is wrong in your heart, for He came to fix all that is wrong in the world.

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