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Of Corollas and Calzones

Ah…Fridays. I typically work from home on Fridays, and try to schedule as few work meetings as I can to allow maximum time to catch up on various projects, and weekly tasks as I can. That means I can sleep in a little later too, as I’m saving an hour of communing time each way. Half-way through my Bible reading this morning, around 6:30am, Bonn came downstairs and reminded me we were dropping off Josh’s car (a Toyota Corolla) at the mechanic to look at the A/C system that seems to mysteriously stop working at random times. I drove his car down the street to the shop, parked it, tossed his keys through the drop, and then jumped in Bonn’s car, as she had followed me there.

Upon arriving home I noticed my phone was missing. Not in my pocket. Not by my chair. Not in Bonn’s car. Where was it? Did I perhaps leave it in Josh’s car when I drove it down? Maybe. I jumped in my truck and drove down to the shop. Losing my phone would be a significant inconvenience. Not the end of the world, but it is set up to access all my work platforms, and things get harder quickly without a phone. I prayed. Yeah, maybe some people would say a little thing like this is not “prayer worthy.” I disagree. God is concerned for our little problems as much as our big ones. In fact, I think He is even more pleased sometimes by our turning to Him over the small stuff, than the big stuff. Anyway, as I approached Josh’s car I looked down. There on the ground, outside his parked car, was my phone. It must have fallen out of my pocket. It was fine. Thank you Lord!

I finished my reading. The theme of leadership hit me several times in my reading today. Deborah’s song in Judges 5 begins with the words “When leaders lead...” I think that would make a great title to a book. Or a blog. Or maybe a podcast? The topics of management and leadership are close to my heart. I’ve been in management for about 30 years. It’s a job many people don’t want. It’s a job some want, but don’t do well. And the rest of us who love it, nevertheless routinely feel inadequate but want to do better. Barnabas was an example of good leadership in Acts 9 (which I also read today). When everyone else was afraid of Paul, he had the courage to stand up, take Paul by the hand, and introduce this new born-again apostle to the rest of the disciples. He was a man of action, boldness, and grace. A good role model for leaders today.

Speaking of management & leadership, I emailed my team of managers today and shared with them the list of the management books that I have in my personal library (both printed and audio). I told them I wanted to buy them a summer present. So I told them to look down the list (there were about 50 titles) and pick one that sounded interesting. I would buy it for them and ship it to them. I’ve got good managers. But we all need to stretch and grow to get better. A good book can help. By the way, I buy all new managers that work for me a copy of The First Time Manager by Loren Belker. It is a great overview of the principles of management.

I finished up my work for the day around 3:30pm. Unusually early for me. But this allowed me to jump in my truck and do a favor for a dear older sister in the Lord who is home bound and needed a new commode to be picked up from M&M Medical in Mendon. I brought the commode over. It was a bit too big, but thankfully the kind folks at M&M had another size just a bit smaller that ended up fitting perfectly. Perfectly! God is good!

Texted my wife on the way back home and we decided to pick up some grub from Harry’s Pizza in Whitinsville. We love their cheeseburger grinders. This time I went for a buffalo chicken calzone. It was big. Flavorful. It hit the spot. I couldn’t finish it. Watered the plants. The zucchini and cucumbers have been doing well, tomatoes are just starting to turn red. We’ve picked a few jalapeños too.

Finishing the night with a glass of Radiant Haze from Toppling Goliath Brewery in Decorah, IA. I’m not sure what else is going on in Decorah, but these folks seem to know how to brew. Actually, according to Visit Decorah, there is actually plenty to do in this little city in Winneshiek County.

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