My Social Media Fast

It has been 16 days of no Social Media for me. I logged off of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, etc. I removed all social media apps from my phone. No scrolling through videos. No sharing pictures of the latest cheeseburger I have eaten. No posting quotes or comments. No browsing the pages of some of my favorite vendors or groups.

What has been the result?

First, I don’t feel that I am missing out on things as much as I thought I would. I think Social Media is designed to make us feel the need to be constantly connected or you might miss out on something life changing. In actuality I don’t think I’ve missed out on anything really important to me. Not my family. Not my church. Not my circle of friends. Those that I care most about, and who care most about me, tend to connect with me by means like meeting in person, phone calls, emails or text messages. These tools feel much more personal to me. I don’t feel like anything very important has happened to anyone in my intimate circle of friends that I’m unaware of because I have stepped away from Facebook.

Second, I do feel like I have been able to accomplish more. Maybe it is just a coincidence. Maybe it is totally unrelated. But the fact is that I have finished 3 books and had breakfast with 2 people this month so far, which is more than I did for many months prior to this. I have also sent more personal email check-ins than usual, because I find myself craving that personal interaction which was being [artificially?] satisfied with Social Media. Facebook, I think, was giving me the illusion that I was in contact with people…when in reality I was not.

Third, and finally, I guess at this point I’m not sure if I’m going back. Social Media has done many good things. It has been used to spread the gospel, share good news, uplift and encourage the lonely, and give us a type of connection with others who live further away. But I’m not sure, for me, if its advantages outweigh the disadvantages. It sucks time that could be put to better use. It tempts, in some cases, to linger on images or information that is (at the very least) less than Godly and God-glorifying. It distracts, at least to some degree, from engaging in personal interaction with those whom the Lord has actually put around me to serve and minister to. These are weighty matters, and I feel they should be considered carefully before venturing back onto these platforms.

So that is my 2 week update. We will see where this goes. But for now I’m appreciating the feeling of a bit more freedom to connect through other methods, and I’m tending to think it is for the best.

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