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My Saturday in Pictures

I am very thankful for the fact that I have most weekends off. Or at least mostly off. This hasn’t always been the case in my career. But now that my role is predominantly in management and leadership, I get most of what has to get done completed during the week.

I generally start the day with a cup of coffee and my Bible. Saturdays are no exception. Today started at 4:42AM I guess, according to the clock on the coffee pot. Also, today I’m checking my blood pressure as it has been going up lately, and I recently had to change up my meds to try and get it back under control. That reading below is not great, I know. But it is better than what it was! I know losing some weight will help, and I’ve lost about 10 pounds already. Also, exercise wouldn’t hurt. Just hard to find the time when most weekdays start at about 4:30AM for me, and I’m rarely home much before 7PM.

Other Saturday morning activities generally include compiling data from the prior week for the 3 pharmacies I oversee. This data becomes the basis for reports that get shared with various levels of leadership throughout the organization. Today I also did a little reading in Henry Mintzberg’s book, entitled “Simply Managing.” I shared a quote from this book on my LinkedIn profile that I liked. He described the job of managing as one of “paradoxes, dilemmas, and mysteries that cannot be resolved.” It definitely often feels that way! Then I spent some time creating a post on Facebook for our Immanuel Chapel page, sharing our plan to have a service dedicated to a bit more singing than usual.

Around 8AM I headed over to the home of a dear sister in Christ, a church member, and a widow, and moved about 3 tons of pellets from pallets into their permanent storage place in her garage and in her home. It was great to get a little exercise in, and it’s always a pleasure to hear how she is doing. From there I hit the grocery store, as Bonn had a few things for me to pick up. I find it hard to stick to a list in the grocery store. Do you? So I may have picked up a few extra items, like a container of buffalo chicken macaroni salad! What a blessing that we can walk into a store and have such an abundance of food at our fingertips. I know people love to talk about all that is so “wrong” in our country right now. But give some credit where credit is due (to the Lord!) that we have so much of the basic necessities of life!

I stopped at the bank on the way home to deposit a check, then got the groceries inside. I then had some books to clean up. You see, during the week, often early in the mornings before work, I’ll pull various books from my shelves as I’m reading or thinking about various topics. I’m so grateful for my library! Then all these books get piled up near my recliner. Well, by today there were at least 30 books that needed to get put back on shelves. Some where theology. Some on management. Some on practical topics like affliction and marriage. Mind you, I still have roughly 15-16 that are stacked next to me that I am actively reading or use too frequently or to put away just yet!

Around noon or 1pm I headed over to another dear sister in Christ’s home. She is a shut-in and is basically confined to virtually 1 room in her home. I brought over the groceries that Bonnie had bought for her, and helped out with a few little things. She gets some meals brought to her during the week as well, and I popped one in the microwave for her. Meatloaf and veggies. Sounds pretty good I guess. While she cannot get around like she used to, she keeps herself busy with a lot of reading and crafts she can do from her chair. She has a sweet little old cat too, that makes a great companion for her.

From there I headed north to Clinton, MA to visit a little brewery I had never been to before called Sterling Street Brewery. I sampled a few of their beers, but actually didn’t find them all that interesting. I also swung by a place in Leominster called Sookie’s and grabbed a Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich for a late lunch…which was amazing.

This evening Bonnie’s parents and my mother came over for pizza and dessert. My mother’s birthday is this week, so we celebrated together today. I’m so grateful that both Bonn’s parents and my mom are nearby. Right now our parents are in very good health. But there will likely come a day when they need more help, and it is a blessing to be close for when that happens. It appears to me that our culture has nearly abandoned the 5th commandment (honor your father and mother), turning over the care of parents to strangers. I guess it should be no surprise. We’ve virtually turned over the raising of our children to strangers as well. Why should our treatment of parents be any different. But there is, of course, more to this than just getting together with family. I’m quite sure I have much room to grow in this area of sanctification as well.

As I settle down back into the chair in which I started my day, I have a copy of The Practice of Godliness by Jerry Bridges in my hands to read. I’m up to his chapter on Thankfulness. Seems appropriate for a day with so many blessings to be grateful for all around me. Jerry Bridges makes a good point in his book. He writes “Thanksgiving promotes not only the glory of God but also humility in us. It is the tendency of the sinful heart – even the regenerate heart – to usurp the credit that rightfully belongs only to God.” That is a statement worth pondering. Am I personally taking credit for any…ANY…good that is seen in me or done by me? None of the credit should be given to myself, but only to the Lord, through whom we are enabled to do all that we do. To God alone be the glory! Forever and ever! Amen! Thank you Lord!

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