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Moses, Boston Traffic, and Doritos

Wednesdays are my Boston day. I have the privilege of serving 3 pharmacies, and the teams that support those operations, for a large cancer center in Massachusetts. One of these pharmacies is in Boston. Commuting into Boston on Wednesdays is sometimes an adventure. I generally try and leave the house by 6AM, which means getting up at 4:30AM so that I have time for my morning routine.

I enjoy the quiet time of this morning routine. Lately I’ve been especially enjoying my New Testament readings from the J.B. Phillips translation of the Bible. He was an Anglican scholar, and labored to put the New Testament into the best rendition of the most natural language of his day. The result, in my humble opinion, is striking. I was particularly impressed this morning when reading his translation of Acts 7:22. The King James Version speaks of Moses in this verse as “mighty in words and in deeds.” Not bad. But Phillips words it that “[Moses] became not only an excellent speaker, but a man of action as well.” Ah, now that makes sense. And gives me something to think about as well.

I listened to a couple 30-minute podcasts going in. But due to some unusual traffic, I was going to be stuck in the truck for an extra 20-25 minutes. I carefully opened Spotify while stopped behind a line of parked cars on the Mass Pike, and tapped on a station I tune into from time to time, called Entreleadership. I’m glad I did! It was a wonderful episode on the importance of recognition in our organizations, particularly what leaders should do to foster such a culture around them. This gave me a lot to think about. The interview was with David Novak, once named one of the top 100 CEO’s in the world. His story in this interview of how they got the idea for creating Cool Ranch Doritos was pretty inspiring.

Okay, I’ll share the story. Basically he took his team to the grocery store and told them to walk around looking for ideas to take Doritos to the next level…but do NOT go to the snack aisle. He wanted them to think differently. Think creatively. See what was working elsewhere, and figure out how to apply it to their product. They ended up in the salad dressing aisle, where the hottest thing to just come to market was Ranch Dressing. The shelves were full of it! That gave them the idea. Could we do a “ranch dressing” Dorito? They brought the idea back and well…the rest is history. This is a reminder of how creative our minds can be if we dare to do things differently. Are you stuck on a problem at home or work? Maybe you need a walk down the salad dressing aisle!

Anyway, in spite of traffic, I got into work at a reasonable time, sliding into my basement cubicle around 7:30am. My first meeting of the day, a one-on-one with my boss, got cancelled due to the Joint Commission survey happening this week, which I spoke of yesterday. I had a networking Zoom call with the Associate VP of pharmacy for a major Health System in Pennsylvania. Connecting with colleagues around the country helps me bring fresh ideas to our organization and allows me to solve some problems faster than I might otherwise do. Our team of Directors met and I pitched my idea for a couple new positions I want to request to support our rapidly growing business. The team gave me the thumbs up, so I now move those requests forward to hospital leadership for their review. I completed an information request from our contact at the Rhode Island Medicaid office, and set up a follow-up meeting with a team to help develop a new workflow to care for patients getting a reduced intensity chemotherapy blood transfusion.

Packed up and headed back to my truck around 5:30PM, and made it home by 7PM or so. My dear wife had a crockpot of her homemade meatballs waiting for me! Yum! She’s an amazing cook. I’m blessed indeed.

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