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Monday Faith

As I drove into work this morning, the phrase “Monday Faith” came to mind. I don’t know why. I guess I was just thinking about what a blessed Sunday I had at church…along with the need to now take that experience and drive into my week with it. Sundays are a blessing. But Mondays are, frankly, where we live out our walk with the Lord. We need Monday faith.

For me, my Monday started around 5AM. A bit later than my normal rising time. Hit the snooze once too often! But it still allowed me enough time to enjoy a cup of coffee while reading my 4-5 chapters in Scripture according to the reading plan I’m using this year, and some time for prayer. Then I hit the shower around 6AM and I am out the door for 6:30AM with a kiss goodbye to my wife. That’s Monday faith.

My Monday drive into work involved listening to two of my favorite podcasts. The first is Truth for Life by Alistair Begg. He is teaching through Ecclesiastes. Very thought-provoking as usual. He’s a gifted preacher for sure. He clearly studies and works hard at each message. Thoughts are logical and progressive. Illustrations are on point. Statements are crisp. Quotes are in abundance to help nail the thoughts to the heart. And he often brings his own life into each message. That tells me he is living what he is preaching. The second one is the Ligonier Ministries podcast and radio program called “Renewing Your Mind.” Today Sinclair Ferguson was teaching on union with Christ. That’s Monday faith.

I typically get to work on a Monday around 7:30am. I help oversee a large outpatient and specialty pharmacy operation at a major cancer center in the Northeast. Most days are meetings, projects, reports, planning, problem solving, and people management. Today was pretty typical. I’ve done pharmacy for over 30 years. Still have lots to learn. I also love networking with others in similar roles around the country. I’m currently working on a plan to help others like myself share our experience with each other in a bit more formalized fashion. That’s Monday faith.

I got out of work about 5PM. A colleague let me know he has a pretty important meeting next Wednesday. I told him I was one of those crazy praying people, and that I’d pray for him. I will. He thanked me. I know saying “I’ll pray for you” is a long way from “Do you consider yourself to be a good person?” sort of evangelism. It’s just seed planting. Or maybe fishing. Either way, I’ll pray for my friend. That’s Monday faith.

Got home around 6PM and got to talk to my dear wife about her day. She’s s gem. She spent a few hours at the local senior center, volunteering her time to answer phones and answer questions from local elderly individuals in town. She’s also getting ready for our daughter’s wedding shower on Saturday. I then replied to an email from a young man who is struggling a bit with his own thoughts about church and faith in general. I really like this young man, and he’s high on my prayer calendar too. Hopefully I was able to give him some good advice. That’s Monday faith.

So now I’m typing this out for some reason because the idea of “Monday Faith” popped into my head about 12 hours ago…and I needed to do something with it. So here it is. I’ll put the laptop down now and read a chapter from Jerry Bridges’ book, The Practice of Godliness. We’ve started to read it as a church book club group, and I want to stay on top of it and encourage our readers to keep going as well. Bridges is a great author. Very convicting and engaging. And that’s about it for today. I’m not sure if that constitutes great faith or little faith. What I do know, is that it’s my Monday faith.

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