Marry, Multiply, & Manage

“I desire that the younger widows marry, bear children, manage the house…” 1 Tim 5:14

Paul’s words to Timothy concern advice to young widows. My words in this post are advice to young men. I would that men, especially young men, but all men too, would give careful attention to what Paul had to say here to Timothy about these young women. They are words worthy of our most careful attention. Godly men will want to take them to heart. Remember that although these are the words of Paul, they are even more so the Word of God.

Paul desires. He says “I desire.” Pause here for a moment before we go further. This holy man is ready to die at a moments notice and be with the Lord (Acts 21:13, Phil 1:23). That’s a holy desire! He wants to be instrumental in the saving of souls (Romans 10:1). That is a holy desire! He wants to be as Godly and sanctified as is humanly possible, and hates the sin that he sees within him (Romans 7:19). That is a holy desire! And so, men, I call upon you to listen very carefully to what this man has written. His desires have been proven to be aligned with the very heart and desires of Christ Himself. And so pay close attention when he says it is his desire “that the younger widows marry, bear children, manage the house.

I should point out that while Paul’s words are about young widows, the words equally apply to all young women. What Paul wants for them is that they, like any other young and unmarried woman, would get married, bear children, manage the house. Yes, they are young widows. But Paul wants them to think of themselves primarily as young women, and to do what young women are called to do.

So what is this holy man’s desire concerning these younger women?

Paul desires these young women to marry. “I desire that the younger widows marry.” Men. Listen to me. Godly young ladies need Godly young men to ask them to be married. If it is the will of God for most (not all) women to be married, then listen to me…men…it is the will of God that you ASK them! They cannot get married without you! Here is, if you will, the very first step in helping your future wife live a Godly life: Ask her to marry you! What are you waiting for? If the Word of God desires it…and the young woman desires it…Paul said he desires it…then you my friend, have no reason to delay. Yes, make reasonable efforts to ensure you are marrying for the right reason. Talk to those who know and love you. But by all means…get on with it! Paul says “I desire that the younger widows marry.”

Paul desires them, after they are married, to bear children. “I desire that the younger widows…bear children.” Men, listen to me. God has assigned to the opposite sex the highest, holiest, noblest, most difficult calling under the sun. It is your job, so far as the Lord allows, to help her to get on with this calling. Child rearing is a career! Raising children is a holy calling! Your job, men, is to provider her, to the degree God enables you, a safe and comfortable place in which to carry out this calling. She may feel unprepared for this work…you must encourage her! She will often feel exhausted from this work…you must assist her! The fruit of the womb is the Lord’s reward. Make sure she knows this. And do all that you can to make it possible for her to get on with this Godly calling of bearing children.

Paul desires, finally, that these women also “manage the house.” “I desire that the younger widows…manage the house.” Brothers – I say this with love, but you must enable your wives to fulfil this calling to be managers of your home. They cannot ordinarily manage the home if they are not there. Help them to be there. What? You want them to work outside the home AND manage the house? If you insist that they take on 2 full time jobs, I only hope and pray that you have taken on at least 2, if not 3, full time jobs as well. And listen, they cannot manage if you insist on every little thing being done your way. Give them authority to manage. God has put them in charge of much of the worldly affairs that go on inside the home. Support them in that. Commend them! Honor them in that holy work.

Marry, multiply, manage. This is the unspeakably high calling the Lord has given to our wives. And men – you need to help them get on with it. If you love her as Christ loved the church, then you will want her to be all that Christ wants her to be. All that He, the risen Lord, desires her to be. This is what Paul desires. This is what the Word of God desires.

Tell me, is this what you desire too?

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