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How To Be Little In Your Own Eyes

There is maybe no greater danger in life than the danger of being too taken up with ourselves. We see this happen all the time. For example, at work we encounter those who give the impression they are simply more important than others. They expect a lot from those around them, but rarely reciprocate help when asked for. In life, we run into those who can talk to you for hours about themselves, but rarely if ever pause to ask how you are doing.

It happens, sadly, in the church as well. Leaders become taken up with their office and have no time to invest in the flock under their care. Church members can be like this too, far too taken up with their own lives, their own hobbies, their own situation, and simply never offer their time or talents to help the church in any way. The problem here is that we have become too important to serve those around us. We need to learn how to be little in our own eyes.

When Samuel the prophet was sent to rebuke Saul for his disobedience, he opened with these words in 1 Samuel 15:17 “When you were little in your own eyes.” He was comparing BBK (before being king) Saul to ABK (after being king) Saul. Before Saul was king he never viewed himself as royalty material. But then he was anointed, and something happened. It went to his head. He became important, and he knew it. This fed into his pride. He liked the attention. He liked the power. The money was really good. This led him down the road of disobedience to the Lord. He was a big shot now. But it would have been better if he had remained little in his own eyes.

So how do you and I stay little in our own eyes?

I’m not sure I have the answer. But I think the first step is to pay close attention to and heed the Word of God. Being little in your own eyes means we prefer the Lord’s instruction to our own opinion. Do I take time daily to even read the Bible? Do I, when reading, ask the Lord to open my eyes to areas where I am not obeying as I should? If I am little in my own eyes, I suspect I will. How seriously do I take God’s commandments? Also, do I make time to be exposed to God’s word through the teaching of others? Am I in church every Sunday? Bible Study? Sunday school? It seems if I am little in my own eyes, I will make room to be taught by and instructed through others also.

Being little in my own eyes will also mean I allow for the possibility that I’m wrong, or don’t fully understand yet. At the very lease, I leave room for correction. I hold this view…but I’m willing to be shown otherwise from God’s word. And if I’m little in my own eyes, there is likely some area of my life that I’m working on changing to be more like Christ. If I can’t honestly point to any specific area, then there is the possibility that I’m actually not very little in my own eyes.

A Prayer for Help

I feel like I need big prayers to be more little in my own eyes.

“Lord, make me little in my own eyes. Help me to be a servant with respect to your word. A servant of Christ. A doer of your word, not a hearer only. Quick to admit where I have been wrong. Willing to do what is uncomfortable or inconvenient in obedience to you. Make me poor in spirit and meek. Let there be a humility in my soul whenever I open my Bible. Speak Lord, for your servant is listening. Help me to be little in my own eyes.”

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