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How Far God Goes

“If any of you are driven out to the farthest parts under heaven, from there the Lord your God will gather you, and from there He will bring you.” Deuteronomy 30:4

Where do you stand with God? I don’t think there is a more important question under heaven. All other questions may have their place and priority, but none outranks this one. Where do you stand spiritually? Where is your soul with respect to God? Where is your heart when it comes to the Lord Jesus Christ?

Our text speaks to those who discover themselves to be a far way off spiritually. You are, according to the Biblical language, “lost.” Or, as our verse specifically speaks, you find yourself at “the farthest parts under heaven.” That is, as far away from God as humanly possible. Maybe you never meant to go that far. But one little spiritual neglect at a time, compounded daily, monthly, yearly…now you find yourself a very far way from where you should be. Or maybe it was more deliberate. You ran from God. You had your reasons at the time. But now you have gone so far for so long, you wonder if there is a way home.

This text is a word of encouragement and hope to those who find themselves “afar off” and have come to see the error of their ways. Is that you? Do you sense and regret your sin that got you where you are today? Have you had a change of heart about Jesus Christ? Do you want His forgiveness? Are you ready to trust in Him and walk in His ways?

Here is the encouraging word my friend: God has found you. The may have wandered a long way from the Lord…but He has gone that far way to find you. “From THERE the Lord your God will gather you, and from THERE He will bring you.” From THERE. You see, no matter how far off you have run, Christ went that far to save you. There is no place on earth from which He cannot gather you.

How far did He go to find you? He died on the cross and bore the sins of all who repent and turn to Him in faith. That’s how far He went. And that is why you haven’t gone too far for Him to save you. Wherever you are today, the moment you turn to Him in faith, “from there He will bring you.” Don’t think about how hard the road back will be. “The Lord your God will gather you.” Simply return to Him in heart and soul, and you will find Him near, no matter how far you have gone.

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