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Fasting, Raining, and Refunds

I woke up at 4AM this Monday morning roughly 14 hours into my fast. My last meal was around 2PM on Sunday. I’ve been doing some 24-48 hours fasts lately. Not, at the moment, for spiritual purposes, though I truly believe in the value of religious fasting. This is more for the weight loss, and health benefits. I’ve discovered that I actually feel quite good, usually, by just going without food for 24 hours or more. I don’t find it physically very difficult. Mentally it is a challenge. But I’ve discovered I can generally function just fine without eating for a day, or even longer.

I didn’t water the garden this morning, as the forecast suggested rain. As I sit in my recliner this evening at around 8:30PM, the promised rain has yet to arrive. I watered tonight. I think from now on, unless it is actively raining at the time, I’ll just plan to water morning and night regardless of what the meteorologist is saying.

Had a nice drive into work today. I listened, as usual, to the Truth for Life podcast, followed by Renewing Your Mind. The late Dr. Sproul had a very interesting lecture on the importance of reading the Bible from the emotional standpoint of its characters, remembering that they were humans too. I found this complimented something I read by Richard Sibbes this morning, when he said “We should make imagination serviceable to us in spiritual things…A sanctified imagination makes all creation a ladder to heaven.” Both men were talking, I think, about putting the creative aspects of our minds to work. That makes sense. We were made by a Creative God, and we were made in His image.

Getting into work by 7:30AM, a full hour before the pharmacy staff arrives, allows me to get a good head start on the day. My days are basically organized by scheduled meetings, assigned projects, regular tasks (I’m a HEAVY user of the “task” feature in Microsoft Outlook), and responding to requests for my help. Oh, and reports. I run a lot of reports. I typically tell people there is only 1 way to stay profitable in a pharmacy, but there are thousands of ways to lose your shirt.

I packed up at 5PM, a bit earlier than usual. It was a pretty productive day. Driving home I’m less rigid in what I listen to. There are several leadership and management podcasts I like. I opted to listen a bit to Tim Reitsma from People Managing People on the onboarding process. Organizations tend to mess this up royally. A bad onboarding experience is a terrible way to start a relationship with a new hire. It’s tough to recover from a bad start.

On the way home I stopped at a grocery store and picked up some carrots and vegetable dip, and broke my fast eating them the rest of the way. Then had a salad and some chili when I got home too.

I discovered that McAfee had me set to auto-renew our anti-virus software, and charged my credit card $138 a month ago. We don’t even use their software now. But to their credit, I called them up and they reversed the charges. I do need to get some sort of protection for my Mac, but I’m sure I can do it for less than $138.

Photo by Raimond Klavins on Unsplash

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