A Social Media Holiday

In January 2022 I plan to take a month-long holiday from Social Media. For me, this means I will not read or post anything on either Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp or LinkedIn. Frankly it is only Facebook that I am even moderately active on, but for the sake of the experiment, I want to take a break from all forms of Social Media for a month. I do find I browse Yelp a lot too.

Why? Is Social Media bad?

I don’t think so. I have enjoyed seeing posts by many friends, pictures of loved ones and families, and exploring various topics that have been raised by others. There is nothing, as far as I can tell, inherently evil in Social Media. In fact, I have been delighted to see how much good is being done online by many Godly friends of mine. Many times a post has been a source of rich encouragement, and I have also been the recipient of many kind words from others. Social media can be used for much good, and I am in no way advocating a retreat from this mode of communication.

That being said, Social Media can demand time, or use time, or steal time, or take time. And there is no resource in this life more precious than time. We only have so much. We can’t buy more. And we are called upon by God to solemnly “redeem the time,” and for myself I am unsure whether Social Media always facilitates that high standard. I feel like a 1-month planned break from all forms of Social Media will at least help me to answer that question. If, after a month, I have found that returning to Social Media is a good and profitable way for ME to promote God’s glory and the good of others, then I will gladly return.

How will I accomplish this?

I simply plan to remove all Social Media apps from my phone and log out of all Social Media websites online so that I receive no notifications. It doesn’t seem that hard. The only exception is that I need to share some pharmacy-related content on Twitter, and sometimes on LinkedIn, related to work or business. But this can be accomplished with hardly any actual interaction with the platforms, by use of a 3rd party tool, like HootSuite. Historically I have shared my Sunday school class that I teach via livestream on Facebook. That will end for January at least, but maybe I will have more time to share what I am studying and learning on this blog instead.

What will I do instead?

Well, I have a lot of people I would like to connect with in real life (“irl” as the kids say). I will use email and texting to try and do this more. But I also want to challenge myself to do more face-to-face meetings in 2022. COVID or no COVID, there is an immeasurable difference, it seems to me, when we meet in person with each other, rather than simply interacting online. I also have a lot of books I want to read in 2022. I hope to be more deliberate in my reading, and more consistent in my study of these books so that whatever good things I read are not wasted or forgotten. I also enjoy writing, and will maybe blog a bit more than usual right here on my Dust Bunny blog. I will be praying about opportunities to serve more, especially those in the immediate circle that the Lord has placed me in.

Don’t you worry you will miss something important?

Not really. And anyone who wants to contact me can do so easily enough by email, phone, or even the contact page on this blog. A theologian from days gone by once said “Give me a candle and a Bible, and shut me in a dark dungeon, and I will tell you all that the whole world is doing.” I don’t expect the world to change much if I stop reading every post that comes across my feed on Social Media. It is still a world full of God’s beauty, but also man’s sin. It is still a world that desperately needs the gospel and needs Christ. Time is flying. And I think C.T. Studd was right about this much, “Only one life, ’twill soon be past. Only what’s done for Christ will last.”

My prayer to the Lord during this holiday from Social Media, and should be the prayer of my whole life, is simply this, “Cause me to know the way in which I should walk (Psalm 143:8).”

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