A Servant’s Prayer

“O Lord, truly I am Your servant…” Psalm 116:16

Clarity is a good thing. Those who have the capacity to think should think clearly. Those who write should write clearly. Those who speak must speak clearly. Too often men use cryptic words and smoky language. This is often the result of laziness. We sometimes speak like an instrument out of tune, or a trumpet that makes an uncertain sound (1 Cor. 14:8). Be precise! Say what you mean, and be clear about it.

Never is clarity so important as when we are speaking to God. And here, the Psalmist wishes to tell the Lord a most important truth. “O Lord, truly I am Your servant.” He says, as it were, “I want to openly acknowledge exactly who I am and what I am. I am Yours! I belong to You. You, who delivered me from all my troubles, are my Master and Lord. Too often we Christians act as though the reverse were true, as if God was our servant, and we were here to tell Him what to do. What a wicked thought. It must be abundantly clear in our minds that we are His servants, and not the other way around.

It is good to tell the Lord you are His. This is a pleasing prayer to Him. And it is good for this truth to be clear in our minds. Christian, who are you serving? Such a prayer suggests that we are ready to do God’s will, whatever that may be. Has He asked me to suffer? Then I must not complain, for “truly, I am Your servant.” Has He asked me to put to death that ugly sin? Then we must give that our full attention, for “truly, I am Your servant.” Does our Master get the best hours of our day, the choicest times of our week, the priority over all our other callings and hobbies? He must, if indeed “truly I am Your servant.” What unpleasant task is He prescribing for you right now? Can we say with a sincere heart, “truly, I am Your servant?”

Friend, have you been very clear with the Lord about yourself, your life, your priorities, your plans, your purpose? Has He heard this from your lips lately? Have we, like Samuel, said “Speak Lord, for Your servant hears (1 Sam 3:10).” Have we said like Elijah, “I am Your servant, and I have done all these things at Your word (1 Kings 18:36).” Or Joshua who prayed “What does my Lord say to His servant? (Joshua 5:14).” or Nehemiah “O Lord, I pray, please let your ear be attentive to the prayer of your servant (Neh. 1:11).” Have we prayed like holy Mary who said, “Behold, the maidservant of the Lord! (Luke 1:38).”

Remind the Lord that you serve Him today. Be quite clear about it. Do not falter between various opinions. We either serve Him or we don’t. We either serve the flesh or serve the Lord. You cannot serve two masters my friend. One must always be at the top, all alone, standing at the helm of your life and steering your ship through the storm. Who is it? Is it you? Is it your family? Is it your fears? Is it your job, your money, your friends, your addiction? O that you can pray this prayer today and mean it, “O Lord, truly I am Your servant.”

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